Barista, moi?

On Saturday I was handed a sample of new instant coffee Nescafe Azera to try, with the promise it would turn me into an instant barista and win me brownie points with a grateful other half to boot. Here’s how the advert sells it:

After days of rain I wasn’t willing to go through with the facade of having trekked out to the local cafe to fetch coffee to impress anyone, besides – that would set up a dangerous precedent that would possibly result in me being thrust out in all weathers to fetch foodstuffs. So, instead I decided to wait until midweek when I got some time alone to give Azera a taste test without all the added pretence (though I did put it in my favourite mug in case that added to the woman’s appreciation in the advert).

Directions were as follows: 1) Open sachet and pour in mug 2) Add 200ml of hot water and stir 3) Enjoy with or without favourite mug while looking very smug about being makeup-face perfect in bed and having bed hair of dreams.

Results are thus:

1) The sample provided disappointingly only filled about a quarter of my favourite mug so I’m not sure I had the same experience as the beautiful and ultimately satisfied blonde in the ad.

2)The coffee produced was steaming and aromatic.

3)The flavour was smooth and easy to drink without the need for sugar and the overall taste was indeed more like a filter coffee than instant (though it doesn’t come anywhere near close to the delicious taste of my favourite La Bottega Milanese coffee).

4)My hair remains brunette, messy, unkempt and disappointingly non-photogenic.


I’d be tempted to have a pot of this floating about just in case I get any surpriseĀ  guests paying fleeting visits but I won’t be ditching my local barista altogether.


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