My Slimming World friendly tea party

My Slimming World friendly tea party

You’d be forgiven for thinking I’ve not been doing a lot recently because blogging has taken a bit of a back seat since I moved into my new home. Alongside all the adventures associated with home ownership – like measuring curtains, buying light bulbs and new socket fronts and following visitors around when they visit so you can turn lights off after them in order to keep my electricity bill low and make them feel extra welcome – i’ve also been trying to eat a little more healthily in order to drop a few pounds.

All sounds rather sensible doesn’t it? I must be honest, there’s a semi-constant voice in my head that’s saying things like: “For the love of god woman, where’s the cake? When will we go dancing again? Where’s the meat in this sausage sandwich? What have you done with the booooze?!” So, to quieten the voice in my head I arranged for a few friends to come over for a tea party.

Because throwing the healthy eating plan out of the window altogether seemed a little bit too carpe diem, I searched the internet for some Slimming World friendly treats. As a new homeowner, I have of course thrown myself into Pinterest with all the enthusiasm of someone who spends an inordinate amount of time looking at lighting options despite not being able to afford new lightbulbs and should you want to follow me, you can find my Pinterest profile here (I’m also looking for people to follow, suggestions?)

Slimming World afternoon tea

Mostly slimming-friendly treats

As you can see, I went all out on the food front. The photo is a little blurry but you should be able to see some ham and mustard sandwiches, falafel rolls with homemade salsa, crustless quiches made in silicone moulds, a lovely tea pot of herbal tea and some mismatched but pretty vintage tea plates. And, the all important cake…

Slimming World brownies and not so Slimming World cake

Slimming World brownies and not so Slimming World cake

To settle my sweet tooth, I made a batch of brownies, the recipe for which can be found over at Pretty and Polished. These brownies are lovely and rich and squidgy despite being flour free, though I’m still trying to find a sweetener that doesn’t give them a bit of an aftertaste. I also discovered they freeze fairly well as I stashed some in the freezer. If you’re a Slimming World follwer and wondering about the syns – these will vary depending on how small you cut the brownies but these beauties were about 0.5 syns.

Also on the menu were some faux ferrero rocher, which are made with ryvita and nutella (yes, really) and are salivatingly good and fibrous at the same time (sensible win). You’ll find a number of recipes on the web for them, most of which include golden syrup in the recipe but I managed to reduce the syns in them even further by using agave syrup, which I found in Aldi, These were a real hit at the tea party and with the help of my Kenwood Mixer were ridiculously easy to make.

Finally, you’ll spot some ‘proper cakes’ in the photo, which are some Jammy Dodger cupcakes. These were donated by Ma Berg who was also baking for visitors and has taken to using some of my recipes recently, which is a huge compliment for me as she’s a total boss when it comes to baking!

To work up an appetite we went for a rather bracing walk along the beach and then came back and warmed up with some fresh teas (extra special ones I’d been sent by a foodie penpal, including a lovely, sweet Thai chai) and because I’d planned pretty well, I was able to have a bit of everything (minus the cupcakes). And so the little voice that tries to lead me astray grew quieter for a while. Now however, now it’s saying things like: “It’s about bloody time you made some cocktails. Mixing two lots of fruit squash is not a cocktail!”


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