Slap, crackle, pop: An experiment with Sainsbury’s Popping Candy Chocolate Spread

Slap, crackle, pop: An experiment with Sainsbury’s Popping Candy Chocolate Spread


When it comes to chocolate spread I’ve always felt a bit of an outsider – not only do get a bit of a bad tum if I have milk, which means I really shouldn’t have chocolate spread at all but I’m not really a fan of nuts either (gasp, not very foodie of me I  know). It was from this Nutella-ostracised starting point that I came across Sainsbury’s Popping Candy Chocolate Spread. One day, casually browsing food porn on Twitter, I came across a tweet from Sainsburys featuring the aforementioned spread and I decided I had to have it and so the experimental quest began

After a nice chat with the PR folk over at Sainsburys, I managed to secure myself a sample jar (yes!) even though the product has been on the shelves for over a year now, I’d somehow missed it – probably because I generally only linger next to the honey in the conserve section. I sat tight for a few weeks and eventually the jar arrived. Because I really couldn’t resist cracking it open, I sat at my desk rather uncouthly spooning in a couple of tablespoons into my mouth as I sipped on my cup of afternoon tea. FYI, this meant I digested far less calories than if I’d picked up a chocolate bar and the second option wouldn’t have been nearly as fun. My instant thoughts were that the flavour was pleasantly chocolaty, but at first I was somewhat underwhelmed – where was that crackle, pop? After about 20 seconds it kicked in on the back of my tongue and I knew then the jar was not going to last long.

Over the coming two weeks I made it my mission to slap the chocolaty crackle pop on as many nearly appropriate foods as possible (rather than simply eating it from the jar with a spoon) and this immediate mass consumption unfortunately resulted in me not taking a photo of the jar itself. Recording what the product looked like became an afterthought that I only hit upon as I scraped out the bottom of the empty vessel.

Now, let’s be clear, a quick read of the ingredients list and a nod to the the fact this spread’s key selling point is the use of a novelty kid’s confectionary, lets us know it’s not a gourmet product. That said, in combination with the food stuffs I tested it with, it was a sinful snack of the gods.

First I slapped the spread on some toast – it was the obvious thing to do, but far from the best use I came across. Somehow the warm bread seemed to dissuade the candy from being so poptastic and I felt less satisfied as a result and reached for my spoon once more. Next I tried the chocolaty -goodness on crumpets and though it was tasty, I felt like I was somehow subverting English tradition too far. However, I did stumble upon a breakfast choice winner when I used the spread on some fresh pancakes. I cannot begin to explain how nice the melted spread tasted on curled crepes, which seemed to act as a catalyst for optimum pop levels (snap, crackle, yummm!).

In all honesty, a lot of the spread did end up being eaten directly from the jar, though an equal measure was probably consumed via my now favourite tea accompaniment – popping candy chocolate spread on hobknobs. Thought you couldn’t improve the best biscuit ever? slap on some of this and you’ll realise you can always take indulgence up a notch, even if you shouldn’t!


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