Seriously smart lunch delivery from Sushi Boy, Leeds

I’ve tagged this post as Eating out Adventures and Food Fables as it’s a little bit of both. I mean, I did eat the food while I was out of the flat, but it was also a bit of a food fable. A few weeks ago the friendly folk over at Sushi Boy got in touch to say they were launching a delivery service, providing sushi, soup and noodle takeaway to lovely Leeds.

In these times of austerity I try to be good and take my lunch to the office four out of five days and treat myself to a special Friday lunch out (do you do the same, if so, where’s your favourite sandwich seller?). I therefore waited a whole week until my next treat Friday came around to make an order and I decided to spread the sushi love by inviting my colleagues to place an order too. I’m rather glad I did because our generous boss decided to treat us all to some platters to munch on during our agency lunch. Yes, that’s right, I got sushi delivered for free and you could to if you were an upwardly mobile professional working in the ultra sexy, smart sphere of marketing.

I’ll gloss over the other stuff that occurred over the agency lunch because frankly I don’t want to reveal too much about my genius viral marketing campaign involving C. Thomas Howell in case anyone else rips it off and makes a fortune. So, here are some photographs of the plentiful platters that arrived just in time to fuel our idea making.

Sushi platter from Sushi Boy, Leeds

Sushi platter from Sushi Boy, Leeds

My favourites from this plate were the beetroot and carrot rolls (far left) and smoked mackerel nigiri (far right).

Sushi rolls from Sushi Boy, Leeds

Sushi rolls from Sushi Boy, Leeds

Along with plenty of soy sauce, the platters came with pickled ginger and wasabi, which I greedily piled high on the many pieces I ate. My favourite from this plate were the cream cheese laden ones, which I found hard to resist despite my cheese allergy!

Knowing that my colleagues are like moths to a flame when free food is about, several of us ordered some noodles on top of the sushi – just to make sure we had plenty of energy for the challenging afternoon ahead. Unfortunately we broke into the generous-sized boxes before I could get a camera near them. However, the slurping noises and sauce-splattered chins suggested all the noodles were as nice as the sushi and I can personally vouch for the BBQ pork noodles, which had a nice hint of spice to them and plenty of meat.

All in all this was a very satisfying Friday feast and I think I’ll be ordering from Sushi Boy again and perhaps some other gourmet delivery services too if I can persuade my boss to fund it again….


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