Review: Sipping superior cocktails at Sohe, Jesmond

Review: Sipping superior cocktails at Sohe, Jesmond

As a restaurant-bar combining an Asian fusion menu with a serious cocktail selection, Sohe was always going to attract my attention and I was pretty darn delighted when I was invited along to the place a few weeks ago to sample their wares for myself. Unfortunately, on the cold, dark, evening in question I was reminded, as I am from time to time, that atmospherically-lit restaurants and iPhone photography are not the ideal match. Our table, lovely as it was in the middle of the room, was not well lit – or lit at all really and so I’ve taken the decision not to include or review the food at Sohe in this post. The food itself was good – the favourite of what we ate being the crispy beef salad starter – but what really shone on our first visit were the cocktails and these photographed slightly better, so I’ve decided to focus a little on those instead.

While I don’t pretend to be a cocktail aficionado, I am in the lucky position of having a boyfriend who happens to be a pretty¬†good maker of cocktails¬†(i’d say great but his head will explode), so I do think I can recognise a well-made beverage. As I’ve grown older I’ve also firmly moved away from my student days of drinking whatever happens to be on offer into the more mature (but often more drunkeness inducing) habit of selecting just a few good drinks to see out my evening. You’d think this would make it easy to tell you about the drinks we had on that first visit to Sohe and a good blogger would definitely have written down the name of the cocktails consumed, so on this occasion I must admit to having been a very bad blogger indeed. I do remember sipping quite a lot of a Wor Lassie, which incidentally was what my dining partner had ordered for himself but the pineapple+gin+mango combo made it the perfect dessert choice and jealousy led to me stealing more than my fair share. Here’s what we ordered first time round (the photographs of which are the best of our first Sohe visit by far).

Admittedly, these shots are not my finest photography moment but the cocktails themselves were impressive, so much so that we decided to pop back to Sohe the following week just for drinks, when we were lucky enough to catch the bar manager, Amy, in action. I should point out that on our second visit Amy had no idea that I was a blogger but she totally blew us away with her cocktails and her customer service. Just as a true mixologist should, she was able to recommend drinks based on the first drinks we chose and descriptions of flavours we like and she even went a little off menu to please our palates. We didn’t photograph many of the drinks we had that night because it soon became clear that Sohe is just not made for photography – the venue itself is beautiful but the dim lighting makes it impossible to take good photos with my below par smartphone, so until I upgrade to something a little more fancy schmancy I only have the following photos to serve up.

Now, I’m embarrassingly going to say I can’t remember the name of the dreamy selection on the left, which featured some lovely Japanese Choya, on the right was a special creation finished with a little dragonfruit. The star of the evening however was a non-photographed gin cocktail that featured a fizzy sherbet finish.

While I’m obviously not imparting much wisdom to you here by forgetting the names of the cocktails, I’m pretty confident that should you venture into Sohe they will be able to fix you up a drink that’s just what you wanted. In the meantime, check out the cocktail menu, I’m fairly confident you’ll find your new favourite on it!



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    Just quick message to say thankyou for your lovely words.Love to see you back anytime to sample any new creations we have. Kind regards ami st.claire

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