Review: Bargain bento boxes at Osaka, Newcastle

Review: Bargain bento boxes at Osaka, Newcastle

My love affair with carbs and Japanese food is well-documented – there are few things I love more than rice and raw fish. When in Leeds this means finding excuses to visit Little Tokyo but up in Newcastle I’ve not really done too much in the way of sushi searching. There have been plenty of recommendations loitering on my to-do list but so far, Osaka is the only one on the list to have made it on to ‘done’. While it was a good dining experience, I’m still very much open to finding a Newcastle favourite, so if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll bump them up the list!

I actually visited Osaka a few months back but haven’t had time to post since, what with being on holiday and eating half of Thailand and stuff like that. However, a look at their menu online suggests prices remain the same and as it was a positive experience I thought it would be fine to belatedly share my thoughts.

I arrived at Osaka mid-afternoon on a saturday, which just happened to be a match day. Understandably, the place was pretty busy. I was dining with fellow sushi fan Mik who is one of my favourite people to eat food with because he’s always up for washing nice food down with bucket loads of coffee or espresso martinis.

We were seated promptly and ordered drinks, though we were a little confused when the green tea for one that Mik ordered came in a pot and so asked for an extra cup to tackle it. I’d really intended to stick to a mix of sushi, but greed got the better of me and I in fact ordered gyoza at £4.90 (I can never resist these on a menu) followed by a Teriyaki bento box, which meant I got a taste of sushi, teriyaki chicken, japanese pickles and a bowl of miso for a bargainous £13.00.

The food came quickly and was satisfying – although not the most delicate or best seasoned gyoza i’ve had, they were well filled and not greasy and the bento boxes proved particularly filling. The teriyaki chicken was moist, which is something that can go awry with teriyaki and the sushi was exceedingly moreish, though I wasn;t a fan of the mayo heavy coleslaw concoction.

We chatted and ate our meal fairly leisurely, so weren’t rushed, but it was pretty hard to get someone’s attention to pay at the end. When we did get someone to bring the bill they’d charged us for two teas (aargh!) but when we explained what had happened to the manager he took it off the bill and apologised.

Little mistakes do happen when places are buzzing and i’m always impressed if they are corrected immediately like this, so I definitely wouldn’t be put off visiting again, especially as my half of the bill only came to about £16. This left me just enough for an after dinner espresso martini.



  1. July 11, 2014 / 10:41 pm

    That gyoza looks good! In Leicester there is only one little Japanese place and they do lovely bento boxes. Need to try some gyoza at home soon and get my fix xx

    • Fay
      July 15, 2014 / 8:43 pm

      Sorry Emily, my spam filter gobbled up your comment. I’v never tried making gyoza but it’s on the cards! I love Little Tokyo if you are ever in Leeds xx

      • July 22, 2014 / 12:24 pm

        That’s okay. Funnily enough the place in Leicester is also called Little Toyko 🙂

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