Protein poo balls (Slimming World Friendly)

Protein poo balls (Slimming World Friendly)

My phone is filled with photos of delicious things we’ve made at home but I’ve never blogged about, so I’m making more of a conscious effort to share the recipes I think other people might find useful, starting with these delightfully named and superb tasting, protein poo balls.


I was initially going to hold off posting these as the photos I have of them aren’t too appetising but as we’ve started referring to them aspoo balls in the house I thought it might not matter too much that the photo isn’t that appealing. (There’s been lots of fun and games asking each other to pass the ball bag so I can pop it in my packed lunch). I promise you they taste nice. Recently I’ve been feeling even hungrier than usual. On a good day I carry a full bag of snacks to work – a mixture of fresh fruit, maybe a low fat yoghurt, perhaps a few crustless quiches but I’ve been finding myself lured over to the office biscuit table. Worse still, on days I’ve been working from home I’ve been rustling up concoctions of pasta and sauce, pickled onion Monster Munch, pickled onions and smoked cheese. I blame the baby.

In an effort not to do so much naughty snacking, my work mate suggested I started bringing some protein balls to work. I love nakd bars and to me these are a similar type of treat, except with a bit of weighing and measuring and a lot of rolling they’re a lot cheaper and I’ve been using them as my hex b and saving precious syns for my new pickled onion Monster Munch addiction. Back when I lived in Leeds my friend Lucy made her own ‘poo bars’, which were DIY nakd bars, so these balls were named part in homage to her and also because I purposefully included some Linseed in my recipe to encourage regular pregnant lady toilet trips.

I scoured the internet for similar recipes and concluded that the general basic recipe was to mix something like one part dates with one part almonds (lovely filling nutritious almonds). I don’t really eat any nuts other than almonds so this directed my ingredients choices a lot. Many recipes for protein balls use added coconut oil, peanut butter, honey or agave syrup to stick things together but I wanted to keep syns low, so instead I chose to use sticky medjool dates to ensure my mix stuck together.

The recipe – makes 20 balls

150g almonds (this worked out as 80 almonds and 5 hex b)

25g linseeds aka flax seeds (1 hex b)

A capfull of vanilla essence

175g Medjool dates (4 hex bs)

30g cacao nibs (10 syns)


Blitz the almonds in the food processor, adding the dates, vanilla essence and flax seeds (we’d pre-pitted so our hex b weighing may be off a little but as I’m preggaz I didn’t worry too much). I added the cacao nibs last without blitzing to retain some crunch. Working the mixture together I then rolled out into 20 balls and left to set. I worked this out at one hex b per two balls plus 1 syn or half a hex b plus 0.5 syns per ball. Don’t take my word for it though, my maths is sometimes off!

These poo balls have been stopping me from snacking quite so much and are a great way to use the extra healthy b you get when pregnant. I just pop a few in a sandwich bag and stick them in my handbag each morning. I’m already planning a few new variations – using cocoa powder and orange or rum essence is on the cards at the weekend. The total cost of ingredients was approximately £3.33, which I think is pretty good – less than a chocolate bar and about half the price of a Nakd bar, though I’ll still be investing in those now and again too.

How do you stay full during the day? Do you eat protein balls or would you consider giving them a go?


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