#poochpackage is go! A doggy swap with parcels through the post

#poochpackage is go! A doggy swap with parcels through the post

poochpackage1Today I’m inviting all of my foodie and furry friends alike to join me in a special parcel swap for pooches, but before we get down to the doggy swap details, let’s talk a little about the little gem in my life…

It would be easy when reading this blog to assume that food is my number one priority and passion but there’s one thing that gets me even more excited than a big bowl of fresh pasta followed by coffee and cake and that is my dog Ruby. Ruby joined the Berg house back in October and since then the Jack Russell Border Terrier cross has been delighting us by looking consistently cute and demanding lots of playtime daily, here she is in her early days snuggled up by my laptop as I worked.

ruby helping me work

As she’s only eight months old Ruby likes to chew a lot of things – eyeliners, toilet rolls and most recently (today in fact) an iPod dock remote control. One thing she hasn’t yet chewed is her daddy’s Graze box, though she looks on jealously whenever it pops through the door onto the mat and she watches intently as he munches through his custom snacks. After seeing a review of subscription parcel for dogs over on fellow blogger Oh Gosh Em‘s site , I suggested that it might be nice if our pooches were able to receive something that was even more personal to them through the post. I’ve taken part in blogger swaps in the past and they’ve understandably been food focussed but #poochpackage is set to be even more p-awesome! It’s open to food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and Instafans alike, just as long as you have a pooch that would like to make pals just like Ruby and Flash do!

We like to see happy dogs with waggily tails, so the swap is open to anyone with a dog(s). If you have a blog, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account we would like to invite you to sign up and share your #poochpackage swap stories with us. We’d love to see your dog enjoying their gifts too! When you post, feel free to use the lovely logo designed by Emma, who is far more artistic than me!

All you need to do is fill in the questionnaire below and tell us some bits about your dog. We’ll be matching people up with other fun dog owners around the country so once you have their details it might be worth checking them out and finding out a little more about their pooch!

The #poochpackage

Feel free to send toys, homemade treats that are doggy safe, comforters – whatever you think your package partner will enjoy. There is a spend limit of £12 for each parcel as we don’t want people to feel like they have to spend lots to take part, but £12 seems like a good amount to create a parcel they’ll want to get their paws in to.

Dates for your dog’s diary

  • You have until the end of April to sign up for #poochpackage
  • You’ll receive details of your doggy swap partner by 6th May
  • You should post your #poochpackage no later than16th May
  • If you have a blog/Instagram/twitter account- Please share your #poochpackage with everyone taking part by the end of May by posting on your blog/Instagram/Twitter. We want to see what you’ve received and sent and plenty of waggily tails too!

It only takes a moment to sign up, just fill out the form and we’ll matching you with you (and your dog!) with own #poochpackage pal.



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