Meet new friends by not munching meat – the MFMuk recipe swap

It’s day 12 of my first ever meat-free month and in the Nyberg household things are looking a little green. Green because I’m currently proper scared of not getting enough iron in my diet so I’ve been adding spinach or kale to pretty much everything. For those who haven’t been following my sausage-free escapades so far, myself and Becs Edwards of Bitsandbobsbecs have pledged to be remain meat and fish free for an entire month. I’ve been doing my best not to cave in and eat a diet of pasta and sauce but have to admit there have been a few days where I’ve eaten little else. This is partially because I’ve been knocked out with a tummy bug (which has stopped me from feeling any benefit of a healthier veg-packed lifestlye), but also because eating veggie is a little out of my comfort zone. With this in mind, Becs and I have decided to reach out to our fellow bloggers and organise a recipe swap to promote culinary creativity and keep me out of post-lunch carb comas.

How will the Meat Free March recipe swap work?

The idea is to gather together a group of people who love food, love writing about food and are either already eating meat free or are looking to expand their repertoire of veggie or vegan food.

We’ll team interested parties up with a fellow blogger by popping you over a quick survey to help identify food don’ts and food loves.

After that, you’ll have a few weeks to play in the kitchen, scour recipe books, blogs and other foodie bibles, looking for the perfect recipe to send to your veggie pal.  We really love brown paper packages tied up with string, so we thought it’d be nice if we sent each other vegan/veggie recipes by post. This way, you can include one or two low-cost ingredients for the recipe if you so choose.

As per the food bloggers code, we’d encourage you to cite recipes taken from cookbooks and link to them on the writer’s website if you are using someone else’s recipe without alterations. After all, food writers have to earn their bread and soya spread too!

We’d love nothing more than to see everyone’s culinary attempts at their swap pal’s recipe, so we’d really enjoy it if people wrote up their escapades in a blog post, and took lots of pictures too!

We’re also currently in talks with a few nice bods to be able to offer the best post a little something – watch this space for more info…

In addition to writing about your recipes it would be great to share experiences of going meat-free or hints and tips for the kitchen  and you can do this using the #MFMuk hashtag on Twitter.

Some key dates for your diary

  •  Participation confirmation to be received by this Friday March 15th
  •  Recipes to be arrive with partner by Monday March 25th
  •  Blog posts to go up Sunday March 31st
  •  Matches sent out Sunday March 17th

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy – just leave me a comment below with your email address or tweet @becs_edwardsor @foodfablesuk or drop us an email at

We look forward to meat-free munching with you!



  1. Sue Rayner
    March 13, 2013 / 11:56 am

    I follow a meat free, low salt and wheat free diet. I love to cook and eat.

    • Fay
      March 13, 2013 / 11:59 am

      Can I count you in for the recipe swap Sue? Would be great to have you on board!

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