Meatfree March: My month in photos

Meatfree March: My month in photos

My meatfree month is well and truly behind me and over the passed week I’ve been happily munching on meat and fish of all kinds. I did eat some fabulous foods that aren’t all forgotten though and since I don’t have time to blog about each and every new vegetarian recipe I discovered, or the golden oldies I called upon to pull me through, I decided I’d do a photo roundup. Here are just a few of the tasty meatfree meals I tucked into during March. if there are any you would particularly like the recipe for please just leave me a comment and I’ll try and do a post for it or at least email you the recipe. Many of these snaps were taken on my phone so apologies that the quality isn’t fantastic!

Homemade red lentil daal with naan

Lovely lentil daal

I tucked into this lovely lentil daal with some damson chutney and a garlic and coriander naan one tea time. Quick, easy, filling.

veggie sausages, poached eggs, toast, samphire, cherry tomatoes, samphire

Proving you don't need meat for a tasty brunch

This drool-worthy Sunday brunch was full of colour and the Cauldron vegetarian sausages really hit the spot.


Porcini mushroom

Porcini mushroom risotto with asparagus spears and a smear of cheese

Porcini mushroom stock cubes and dried mushrooms made sure there was plenty of risotto in this tea time risotto.

giant vegetarian toad in the hole

Veggie toad in the hole

Ma Berg kindly prepared me my own vegetarian toad in the hole, complete with vegetarian onion gravy.

Toasted goats cheese with tomato chutney

Gooey goat's cheese on toast with tomato chutney

This simple snack was one of the best things I ate all month and made use of the homemade chutney sent to me by my foodie penpal last month along with some probably too generous chunks of goat’s cheese.


Red thai curry with mango and sweet potato

Red thai curry with mango and sweet potato

I usually make this colourful curry with butternut squash and pineapple but swapped in sweet potato and mango and chillies from my dad’s allotment.


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