Jammy Dodger cupcakes: The perfect cake-biscuit crossover

Jammy Dodger cupcakes: The perfect cake-biscuit crossover

All the hoo-ha this week about Starbucks and the duffin (doughnut-muffin, see here if you missed it) reminded me of another baked jam-filled delight that I experimented with a while ago and forgot to post, namely – the Jammy Dodger cupcake.

jammy dodger inspired cupcakes

jammy, sparkly and not at all dodgy

These little beauties have everything – biscuit flavour, amazing buttercream and just enough jam to give you a 20 minute post-tea break sugar rush. I decided to make them to translate my favourite biscuits into cake form and though they look pretty impressive, they are actually very easy to make.

Recipe for jammy dodger cupcakes

I used the Hummingbird bakery vanilla cupcake recipe as the base for these cakes as they are light and fluffy. Since I don’t totally agree with typing recipes out without paying the people what invented them, you can find the recipe here. I did however make some alterations – adding about a tablespoon of Horlicks to the mix to give it a slightly biscuity taste. I did the same thing when it came to the buttercream too, which I made using my usual vanilla buttercream with a twist, which always gets lots of compliments because of it’s smooth consistency and hints of caramel. You can find the recipe here in my post about rolo cupcakes.

Extra ingredients required on top of this were: smooth strawberry jam (I chose the Hartley’s squeezable version for ease of assembly), some edible red glitter for decoration and a couple of packets of mini Jammy Dodgers. The Jammy Dodger minis seem to be on offer regularly, so these needn’t be very expensive to make either!

Method for Jammy Dodger cupcakes

jammy dodger cupcake construction

jammy middles

These are really easy to assemble – bake the cakes following the Hummingbird recipe then leave to cool, before coring a little of the cake middle out with an apple corer. Squeeze the Hartley’s jam into the middle (you could use other jam but I found the squeezable variety make this less messy and more accurate). Finally, pipe the buttercream and decorate with a pinch or edible red glitter and a mini Jammy Dodger.

These need stored in an air-tight container to stop the biscuit decorations going soft, though I found to my cost that they don’t last long once people have tasted them!


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