I’m taking part in Moneysupermarket’s Secret Santa Challenge

I’m taking part in Moneysupermarket’s Secret Santa Challenge

As there is no Foodie Penpals this month I was very glad to be approached to take part in Moneysupermarket’s Secret Santa Challenge. The scheme is acting as a December connect for bloggers who operate in the same areas and the idea is that each blogger buys another a secret santa present with a budget of £25 (which they’ve provided), with everyone blogging about what they send and receive (much like Foodie Penpals, which I’m hoping to persuade my partner to join).

I love taking part in Foodie Penpals and I also love Christmas, so I jumped at the chance to send a Christmassy foodie package. I’ve been paired up with Zoe at Splodzblogz who has quite an eclectic blog with leanings towards food blogging. From her blog, I’ve learnt Zoe likes doing outdoorsy stuff (a braver lady than I), has quite a sweet tooth and loves a good cuppa.

I’m hoping the parcel I’ve put together for her is suitably Christmassy and appeals to her tastebuds. I’ll be doing another post once I’ve received my parcel and Zoe has unwrapped hers, so check back to find out how it all goes down. Meanwhile, take a look at her blog and her post about the scheme.

Splodz likes the outdoors

Splodz likes the outdoors, hopefully my parcel will fuel some adventures

I’ve also joined forces with my work colleague Becs to bring Secret Santa to my office this month, as I really do love surprise presents. It’s definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!



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