Foodie Penpals June 2012: My first parcel!

Foodie Penpals June 2012: My first parcel!

Since signing up, I have been counting down the days until my first Foodie Penpal package arrived and when it finally did on Thursday, I tore the well-taped box open at my desk to have a peek inside!

My parcel came courtesy of Monique at What I’m up to . We’d emailed a few times to discuss my likes and dislikes and I told Monique that I loved anything spicy, was a fan of trying new things and snacking and eat pretty much everything except beans and nuts.  When I eventually got into the parcel I was not disappointed, along with a lovely handwritten note she’d included lots of lovely snacks I can munch at my desk. Here’s what the contents looked like

Treats in a box

Monique explained that she’d popped to her local Turkish store to pick up some of my treats – Turkish coffee (including yummy mocha), lemon tea (smells delicious) and some Turkish delight. Still on a snacking theme she’d sent a healthier treat in the form of some sesame crackers and some fruity chewy sweets and gourmet gummies in pretty packaging.

Being something of a gummy connaisseur, they are the first and only thing I’ve opened so far – largely because I ate them all in one day and made myself feel a little ill in the process. Monique couldn’t have chosen a better snack to send me because I truly love jelly sweets and these were some of the best. The flavours were unusual, I expected them to taste of cola because of the colour, but instead I was greeted with tastes of vanilla and what seemed to be cappuccino and mocha. Unlike cheap jelly sweets (sorry Haribo fans) they had no nasty chemical after taste. I wish I could get hold of more, but I suspect if  I could it would be my downfall.

I plan to test the Lemon tea tomorrow and snaffle the snacks at my desk at work next week.

If like me you love getting surprises in the post – check out the Foodie Penpal scheme by clicking on the button to the right


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