Foodie Penpals July 2012

It’s a slightly belated affair for my foodie penpal parcel post this month as I’ve just got back from a trip up north (where I bought lots of lovely local treats) so I’ve not had a chance to write about the lovely package I got courtesy of Lucy at ofallygood, much of which has been long since munched (but not forgotten!) There was so much packed into this hand delivered box of treats that it’s hard to know where begin, so I’ll start off with a photo:

I just about managed to cram everything into the photo though it was a bit of a struggle because as a local lady Lucy had even included some thoughtful non-food items in the mix for me too.  First up were some mini samples of some Neal’s yard products, which smelt absolutely delicious but were unfortunately inedible. That said, my skin has definitely benefited from their use over the past week. Also included in the non-edibles were some seeds for flowers that are said to attract bees – these were especially thoughtful as I live near a canal so can hopefully do my bit to make the area where I live have even more of a buzz (see what I did there?)

Moving swiftly onto the foodie treats, Lucy had included some nice things to snack on as well as some baking bits and bobs as I’d told her I was planning to get stuck into the cupcake craze in the next few months. Alongside some pretty cupcake cases I found some colourful petit fours cases, an F-shaped cutter and some glitter writing gel pens (ooooh sparkly!) I’ve not managed to use these yet but I’m planning a baking spectacular this weekend so I can get stuck in.

I wasted no time whatsoever in consuming the snackable items in the box – namely some delicious (and delightfully dairy-free) homemade pistachio shortbread and yu! mango snacks, both of which I managed to yum up on the day of delivery (oops). I ate the short bread with a glass of homemade meadowsweet cordial, which is a really light and refreshing alternative to elderflower. I’ve found the cordial particularly useful as it soothes poorly tums, which I’m prone to because of my cow milk allergy. Lucy also packaged up some meadowsweet tea for me and as a recommended hangover cure I’ve got it safely stashed for use next weekend as it’s my work leaving do next Friday evening.  Finally, I’m yet to use my black garlic, which I’m planning to incorporate into a really simple pasta dish so I can appreciate the promised balsamic flavour.

This was only my second month of foodie penpals and I must say I was blown away with just how much effort Lucy had gone to in putting together my parcel, she’s set the bar high for the months to come! As for myself, I packaged up some sweet and salty snack for Sarah over at Northwestnosh this month, so if you’d like to read about the dynamite liquorice I picked up for the self-confessed liquorice afficinado, skip over to her blog now.


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