Fizz and peach at the Vermont’s Redwood Bar, Newcastle

Fizz and peach at the Vermont’s Redwood Bar, Newcastle

Drinking in my 30s is proving to be a very different affair to that of my 20s. For a start, now I no longer live in the centre of a city a night out needs to be approached with military-style planning. I’ve learnt that failure to take this approach can end in unspeakable consequences that go beyond inconvenience. Secondly, I’m getting ever so fussy about what I’m willing to drink (potentially a result of living with a pro drinks mixer). All considered, when I go out now I like it to be a bit of an event, which means my recent invite to the re-launch of the Redwood Lounge at the Vermont Hotel in Newcastle was extremely welcome.

I’d never been to the Redwood Lounge before and must admit that having been to Livellos at the opposite side of the hotel, I was a little apprehensive. I needn’t have been, the Redwood Lounge has a much more relaxed and classier vibe and more importantly for my 31-year-old self, some incredibly comfortable leather sofas! On arrival we made our way to the bar and chose a cocktail from the new menu, I opted for a peach fume (beautifully smoky peach, not too sweet, not too dry) while the OH had a gin martini (he said it was well made and he does know about these things). We then sat ourselves down very comfortably to listen to the entertainment – a singer and guitar player. It’s always a pleasure to watch live music but even more so when you’re in a relaxed setting with a good cocktail in your hand.


While watching the entertainment I spotted fellow blogger and ex colleague Sarah, who wrote about her experience of the night over on her blog Plain Sarah Jayne, she has a few more photos than I do as i again seem to have selected a spot with poor lighting (when will I learn), so I must admit I had to steal some of the Vermont’s own images for this post!

As part of the relaunch the management introduced the new menu, which includes a Gentleman’s afternoon tea. While I don’t strictly speaking think there’s any need for a his and hers (why should us ladies be deprived of pork pies and scotch eggs?) I thought it an impressive platter. My devotion to condiments is well documented, so I was pleased I had more than one relish, to um, relish.

IMG_7247I’ve heard good things about the Vermont’s other afternoon tea offerings, so it’s been added to the ever-extending ‘to eat’ list. I suspect we will make our way back for drinks first though – places like this with a pleasing cocktail menu and amenable seating arrangements that are a cut above are few and far between in the Toon. And though it’s not strictly a point for review, I can’t help but add the toilets are first class too. The Redwood Lounge is well positioned to accommodate more discerning drinkers, I just wish I didn’t have to climb so many stairs to reach it!



  1. May 8, 2015 / 7:00 am

    Being a bit of an “Old before my time” kind of girl we quite often pop to the Vermont for drinks cos it’s lovely and quiet and you get a nice comfy chair! I keep meaning to go in and check out the new menu but not got round to it yet … bumping it up the list!

    • Fay
      May 8, 2015 / 7:29 am

      We’re not old before our time, we just appreciate the finer things….

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