Dairy-free flapjack buns – a super healthy snack

Dairy-free flapjack buns – a super healthy snack

I rustled up these low-cal treats the other week for my foodie penpal Sarah over at Northwestnosh as I’d really wanted to send her something homemade, but she’d said in her email that she wasn’t a fan of stodgy or calorific foods. I adapted the recipe from the book Only 100 calories published by the every reliable M&S and as well as being low fat they had the added bonus of being dairy free, which made them a winning snack for me, too!


55g light brown sugar

50g cranberry and cashew nut mix

200g porridge oats

2tsp ground cinnamon

2 egg whisked whites


The original recipe used cranberry, chopped apricots and hazelnuts, but as I had a snack bag of cranberry and cashew mix in the cupboard, I made a simple switch and upped the level of oats to compensate for the lack of apricots. I also increased the amount of cinnamon as I’m a real cinnifan! Making the buns was a real five minute job, all you need to do is pour your frothed egg whites into the mixed dry ingredients, pat into balls and fill bun cases laid out in a tray.

The final step is to bake at 20 minutes at 190c, which should make the oats look and taste nicely toasted. These buns are really fragrant when they come out of the oven and though they don’t have the sticky or butteryness of normal flapjacks, they still have plenty of crunch and texture.

These last really well if kept in an airtight container, so they’re great for adding to packed lunches or even taking to work for breakfast if you’re in a rush. Next time I make them I plan to use dried papaya and pineapple in place of the cranberry and cashews and to add in some dessicated coconut to create a tropical flavour.


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