Could you be the new Gizzi, Nigella Or Baker Boys?

I’m a sometime member of the fabulous Leeds City Centre WI group Buns and Roses (when time allows) and it is this connection that led me to stumble across the following message from a TV producer. I thought I’d publish it here so any fellow bloggers who are better bakers and more camera pleasing than myself can get in touch…I’m sure one of you lovely folk must fit the bill.

P.s if you are launched into celebrity chef superstardom, please dedicate a cake to me in your first book, thanks.



I hope you can help me in my search for a new TV cookery star! My name is Andrew Holland, and I’m a television producer working for a company called Waddell Media, specialising in creating and developing new TV series for the UK television channels.

I’m currently on the search for a new cookery personality. In particular someone who specialises in making traditional “old-school” british sweets and puddings – things like peppermint creams and coconut ices, treacle toffees and home-made fudge.

Ideally I’d like to find someone who has a real passion for this sort of cookery – perhaps someone who lives on a farm – or someone who has their own personal recipes, and a real infectious enthusiasm for what they are doing. There’s no restriction on age or anything like that at all – what I’m concerned with is passion and personality, authenticity, enthusiasm and a genuine knowledge of the subject.

With this in mind it seemed only natural to me to contact the various branches of the Women’s Institute in Yorkshire – one of the last remaining places were (at least in my mind) one can still find great traditional british fare at the drop of a hat!

If you know of anyone who fits this bill – or if you think it might even be you yourself – please contact me either by telephone on 07870 585 889, or by emailing me at – as I’d love to hear from you, or to listen to your recommendations. Please forward this email to anyone and everyone you know who might be able to assist me – I’m hoping to discover a new star of the small screen!


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