Coffee cocktails with Currys at Revs, Newcastle

Coffee cocktails with Currys at Revs, Newcastle

Most of my favourite things begin with a ‘c’. Firstly there’s cake, then cocktails and then the low-calorie hero that is coffee. I have a ‘But first, coffee’ print hanging in a study and a T-shirt that simply says ‘Black Coffee, Please’ for those mornings when talking is too much. I’m a bit of a coffee fangirl, truth be told. The recent ‘Coffee with Currys’ night held at Revolution Newcastle could only therefore appealed more if they gave me cake on arrival. They didn’t, but the first creamy cocktail we were presented with as we waited to take part in a coffee cocktail masterclass came pretty damn close.


The bloggers event was held in celebration of the fabulous pairing of coffee and alcohol and aimed to show off Curry’s collection of coffee machines. You can find the recipes for the coffee cocktails we made on the night here. We do already have a coffee machine at home, which we were lucky enough to be given last Christmas, though I do wish brands were doing more to solve the problem of plastic coffee pods, I’ve heard that some companies now have recycling plans in place and it’s something I think companies like Currys could look at to reassure people and in turn boost sales.


There were lots of local bloggers in attendance on the evening and I was particularly pleased to bump into the lovely Sarah from PlainSarahJayne who I used to work with and Chloe’s New Girl in Toon with whom I share mutual Leeds buds.


Sarah from PlainSarahJayne enjoying her welcome cocktail

During the course of the night we all had to showcase our cocktail making talents and though I wasn’t the most skilled mixologist, I think I put in a performance that my boyfriend would be proud of – he’s usually in charge of the espresso martini making in our house.

I wasn't quite this good!

I wasn’t quite this good!

Do you have a coffee machine in your house? Are coffee and cocktails a winning combo for you? If you have any coffee cocktail recipes of your own, please feel free to share links in the comments below, we are always looking for new recipes to try out!


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