Review: Angeethi, Low Fell, curries favour with a bunch of copywriters

Review: Angeethi, Low Fell, curries favour with a bunch of copywriters

I work at Team Valley, a place not renowned for having an abundance of choices when it comes to eating, drinking and entertaining, however, not so far away is Low Fell and what has become a favoured spot for myself and team of fellow wordies.

Aside from location, Indian restaurant Angeethi also boasts a loyalty card scheme, a cracking barbecue in the summer, a very friendly owner and over Christmas, a very appealing party menu. We decided to visit Angeethi for our Christmas team meal and it’s taken me almost two whole months to blog about it (oops, never move house, moving house is bad for blogging).

This was actually our second visit to Angeethi as a team, on our first visit we fell in love with their Tandoori platter (huge chunks of salmon) and the Mahkni (far better than a standard chicken tikka masaala). In fact, several members of the team asked if they could swap the Mahkni into their festive meal.

With a pleasantly crowded table it was hard to take photos of the food so you have an unusually lively roundup of the folk I was actually dining with, who all deserve a special mention for putting up with me on a daily basis and allowing me to dominate the decision making when it comes to choosing where we go for ‘copywriters’ tea’.

On arrival we were given a friendly welcome and a drink. The building itself is stylish without being over the top and the outside area is somewhere I’m looking forward to hanging out with an after-work drink come summer time. On this trip we chose from a set menu, but usually there’s plenty to choose from, including some more unusual dishes.

I must confess that I have forgotten the exact sum that we paid for our two courses, side plus drink but I think it was around the £15 mark and as you can see from the selection of snaps above, the portions weren’t stingy. I was particularly impressed by the Aloo Gobi side dish, which wasn’t too much of a surprise as I also really enjoyed the palak paneer on our first visit. It’s always nice to discover a restaurant that does vegetarian food equally as well as meaty meals, especially as we have a vegetarian in our midst.

The destination of the next copywriters tea is yet to be decided – though Lane7 and bowling has been bandied around as a possibility. We will no doubt be heading back to Angeethi again at some point, roll on barbecue weather!


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