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The Food Fables familyA North East food blog with lots of craic.

Blogging restaurant reviews, dairy free friendly experiences and recipes, food events and dog friendly spots in Newcastle and Northumberland.

Hi I’m Food Fables‘ Fay, I work in Newcastle and live in Northumberland and I like to talk about food, a lot. I love a good chat about what I’ve eaten, where I’ve eaten, what I’m planning to eat and when. I also like to share how and why I’ve made food and I’m overly interested in what other people eat to the point of semi-social awkwardness. I’ve been writing this blog for six years, you can find out a little about some of the fun collaborations I’ve done over on my Foodfables media kit page

Recording my family Food Fables
I first started this blog when I was a single girl living in Leeds city centre, exploring a food scene that was expanding at a rapid rate. With this in mind, some of the earlier reviews on Foodfables cover the Leeds area and you’ll also find my thoughts on some restaurants, hotels and spas I’ve visited on my travels – all with a food perspective. I’ve now returned to my home on the Northumberland coast where I’ve been living for three years and I share my life and food with my mixologist boyfriend, our Border Terrier/Jack Russell cross dog, Ruby. Our food-loving family was made complete in September 2016 when my daughter Alex Isabelle joined the gang. Alex is allergic to cows milk protein (CMPI), which means I followed a strict dairy free diet for 18 months and have only recently got back into the swing of dining out and going to events.


I chose the name Food Fables as a play on my name because I wanted to write about my experiences of food. I write about the food I cook, the drinks my mixologist boyfriend makes, what I eat when I go out and the food topics that matter to me. I also write about the things my dog Ruby eats when she comes out with us and what she thinks of the dog friendly pubs and restaurants of Newcastle and Northumberland because Ruby has great taste and she appreciates good service as much as we do. She loves sausages, beer gardens, hunting for treats and being made a fuss of.

ruby at play

Reviews policy
I  give my honest opinion when I do reviews and will make it clear if I’m dining at somebody else’s expense because honesty is the best policy and I don’t want anyone to eat something less than lovely because of me. I’m happy to review new restaurants or menus and will feedback my thoughts to PRs or managers before posting, however, I will only ever write nice things if I mean them and I’d never recommend anywhere to readers that I wouldn’t send my friends and family to visit.

If you have something or somewhere you think I should be eating or know of a new dog friendly spot that will get Ruby wagging her tail, get in touch! If you can cater for a dairy allergy, let us know!


Twitter: @foodfablesuk

COPYRIGHT: Unless otherwise stated, all photographs, recipes and content on this site are owned by little old me. If you’d like to use any of my photographs or recipes please get in touch on the email above – I’m usually happy to share providing you link back to my original. If you like my writing and would like me to write or blog for your publication/brand, please get in touch. My logo was designed for me by the very talented award-winning designer Bryan James.


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