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This is me, not stuffing my face for once!

Hi I’m Food Fables‘ Fay, I live in Newcastle (well, Northumberland) and I like to talk about food, a lot, which is why I set up this Newcastle food blog.

I love a good chat about what I’ve eaten, where I’ve eaten, what I’m planning to eat and when. I also like to share how and why I’ve made food and I’m overly interested in what other people eat to the point of semi-social awkwardness.

When the above activities started to take up over 40 per cent of my day I thought it was probably time I started writing things down so that people could opt in or out of the conversation and that’s when I started this blog. I write about the food I cook, what I eat when I go out and all the stuff that is so tightly shoved in my cupboard and fridge that it frequently falls on my head.

I lived in lovely Leeds for five years and visit often, so many of the reviews on Foodfables cover this area, though it’s predominantly a Newcastle blog and concentrates on the local food landscape in and around the North East.

I  give my honest opinion when I do reviews and will make it clear if I’m dining at somebody else’s expense because honesty is the best policy and I don’t want anyone to eat something less than lovely because of me.

I’m a journalist and copywriter by day and write for a number of publications on topics including, but not limited to, FOOD. I was born here in the North East and I’m very passionate about the quality of food produced in this area. As a result, writing about the local food scene has become a bit of a speciality, you can find some of my insider tips over at TASTECLUBHQ and Guardian Northerner.

If you have something or somewhere you think I should be eating, get in touch!

Email: foodfablesuk@gmail.com

Twitter: @foodfablesuk

COPYRIGHT: Unless otherwise stated, all photographs, recipes and content on this site are owned by little old me. If you’d like to use any of my photographs or recipes please get in touch on the email above – I’m usually happy to share providing you link back to my original. If you like my writing and would like me to write or blog for your publication/brand, please get in touch. My logo was designed for me by the very talented award-winning designer Bryan James.


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