Since signing up, I have been counting down the days until my first Foodie Penpal package arrived and when it finally did on Thursday, I tore the well-taped box open at my desk to have a peek inside!

My parcel came courtesy of Monique at What I’m up to . We’d emailed a few times to discuss my likes and dislikes and I told Monique that I loved anything spicy, was a fan of trying new things and snacking and eat pretty much everything except beans and nuts.  When I eventually got into the parcel I was not disappointed, along with a lovely handwritten note she’d included lots of lovely snacks I can munch at my desk. Here’s what the contents looked like

Treats in a box

Monique explained that she’d popped to her local Turkish store to pick up some of my treats – Turkish coffee (including yummy mocha), lemon tea (smells delicious) and some Turkish delight. Still on a snacking theme she’d sent a healthier treat in the form of some sesame crackers and some fruity chewy sweets and gourmet gummies in pretty packaging.

Being something of a gummy connaisseur, they are the first and only thing I’ve opened so far – largely because I ate them all in one day and made myself feel a little ill in the process. Monique couldn’t have chosen a better snack to send me because I truly love jelly sweets and these were some of the best. The flavours were unusual, I expected them to taste of cola because of the colour, but instead I was greeted with tastes of vanilla and what seemed to be cappuccino and mocha. Unlike cheap jelly sweets (sorry Haribo fans) they had no nasty chemical after taste. I wish I could get hold of more, but I suspect if  I could it would be my downfall.

I plan to test the Lemon tea tomorrow and snaffle the snacks at my desk at work next week.

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After the grumpy drizzly weather of the last few days it seems like LeedsLovesFood  2012 was many moons ago rather than last weekend! Thankfully, I rediscovered the sunshine and joy-filled event when I finally hacked into my camera to retrieve the photos from my second day at the festival (yes, I’m so greedy I went twice because I simply couldn’t eat/buy/carry enough in one single trip).

This blog is a bit of a photo celebration of the wonderful things that I and my very lovely companion, Maria, munched through on our visit on the last day of the festival. I cannot express how much foodie fun I had during my first experience of LeedsLovesFood, it was great to see (and taste) all of the yummy Yorkshire delights and to be reminded of the brilliant restaurants and bars we have here in Leeds, too. What has now come to be known as my ‘sensational snacking Sunday’ has resulted in me adding a few local venues on to my ‘to visit’ list and reignited my love for a few old favourites.

The first festival treat to make it mouthward was some satay from Sukothai, the meat was moist and delicious and the sauce a peanutacular delight.
This was of course nothing less than I would expect from what is one of my favourite restaurants in Leeds, I’m only slightly embarassed to admit that Sukothai being based in Chapel Allerton and Headingley was probably one of the main reasons I put off moving into the city centre for so long.
As I walked along no fewer than six people stopped me to ask where I’dbought the succulent snack (they smelt and looked THAT good). This briefencounter reminded me it’s  about time I took a trip to the north of the city
paid and my foodie respects to them.

Next up was a sweet treat from the Littleroundcakecompany, though I didn’t actually eat this on sensational snacking Sunday but two days before on my solo Friday visit. Here I purchased a beautiful baked Lemon cake, which tasted more like a mini traditional British pud than a cupcake, but tickled my love of citrus flavours nonetheless. I’ll be keeping an eye on their blog for baking inspiration.


Back on to the savoury snacks and the next stop was Pinche Pinche for a chicken taco. The hot, fresh salsa on the top alone made it a worthy choice, though I did prefer the pulled lamb version I munched on my Friday trip. This selection once again reminded me I’d been neglecting another one of my former favourite restaurants, who have a whole new menu since I last visited, I think second trip north is now on the menu!



Despite being ‘hanging’ (her own words) from a night of alcohol-fuelled adventures, my festival companion eventually tried to tackle some of the tempting tastes around her. Maria settled on some sushi from the Chino Latino stall, which looked (and apparently tasted) great. The hungover one’s choice of food and decision to eat using chopsticks very brave and provided entertainment to rival the professional cooking demonstrations at the main stage.

I’ve never eaten at Chinos but rate their bar staff as making some of the best (if not the best) cocktails in Leeds and Maria made some positive noises when she finally got the food to hit her mouth, so I may look at something other than the cocktail menu when I pop in there next.

Finally, tired from our we washed down the food with some refreshing champagne cocktails from Epernay, it was a hot day after all!

Despite the hangover, Maria made room for an Epernay champagne cocktail